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light the kHAOS within - Review @ the Flux Project

published on Dec. 18, 2013 by Alessandro "Donpelajo" Violante
Translated from Italian by Alessandro "Donpelajo" Violante and Nader "Mr. EAR" Mounmeh.
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Who is behind the mask? Let's go back to the Ancient Greece for about eighty minutes. Let's immerse ourselves into another culture, in another world to take back a thought that belong to us, people of today as of yesterday. The mask is the fetish of the representation of theater and of life, thoughts very similar. Pirandelloonce said we are One, nobody and one hundred thousand, and masks are the fictitious, the endlessly of the diegetic processes of our existence.
What is sure is that it can be tried to switch a light to illuminate the chaos that we take inside of us. It could be tried to Illuminate ourselves. This is the message of this album. It's a work that didn't offer any solution but that raises a lot of answers about the existence and about human condition.

And yet the mask begin to move on, to destroy itself to let in the place something more defined, never too much, but that is a beginning. And then Haldor, Adam and Krebl introduce themselves as the singers of this series of unsolvable dilemmas that generate thoughts. Their music could be categorized as a particular kind of electro industrial, dark electro or, as they define themselves, symphonic dark electronix. We widely yet explained what this classification stood for and this Entity realized an album in 2001 to take back their walking together with Electro Aggression Records, that take back to publish after some months of spasmodic waiting.

Let's talk more closely about the work: musically we are not in front of a classic album of the category but in front of a concept album of really polished quality that take back to the dark rooms of some abandoned castle in Germany (the band is German), a mix of synth sounds related to the old school covered in a particular atmosphere which evoke a world distant from our region but fascinating. A world made of a high simbology, of thoughts that often industrial music doesn't evoke anymore, that now seems to be let into oblivion. All the sounds, all the vocal parts, all the beats are very clear inside of a process made of maniacal cure of the registering process. What starts with Re-spawned is not and electro album but simply electronic music built on physical rhythms, in a song that, for itself alone, it's the sum of the parts, that summarize the idea of dark electro. Yes, some vocal parts could be related to puppy-ish inspiration (and we could only like this), but the atmosphere is, above all, the physicality are something, if we would say it, new, and the synths go perfectly in and out, putting together the musical canvas without destroying it or filling it with a lot of distortions. We go forward with Stonehenge (Re-consacrated) in a song that knew a previous track in the 2001 album and that here amplify the idea and donate another song that perfectly synthesize the parts. Matricide shortly speed up to be then let itself go into a tribal rhythm (but not too much). Here yet the album could end and been remembered as a step further for electro music. Otherwise we go further for other twelve songs and existential answers, plays etc follow themselves together with a music that let always open spaces in interpretation and that is never ordinary, every song is a history in itself, a piece of the puzzle that, anyway, lives on it's own life. And then "outburst of rage" like The ghost war (maybe the most entangled of the album) until the final Paybakk, that shows a bit of guitar sampling, which chords put the word End to a work that, after a lot of years, is one of the most interesting and better made episodes of a style ended too early, that here demonstrates to have a lot to say and to do yet. There's a lot to appreciate for those who know how to stop and think.

Label: tri-state self-released in cooperation with Electro Aggression Records

Vote: 10/10


  1. rE-spawned
  2. stonehEnGE (rE-consecrated)
  3. maTRIcide
  4. woRM oF insanITY (criticALLy woundED)
  5. tERROR infernaliS
  6. ranDOM FAILures PreferRED
  7. belle ÉpoQUE
  8. geneLAW
  9. sHAdes of dead-whiTE
  10. the gHOST WAR
  11. apoCALyPsE oF faitH
  12. causes oF DEaTH
  13. b.É. (chansoniA vs. tHE mYTH of the GREY manKIND)
  14. the kHAOS within
  15. payBAKK


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