tri-wired world, part 2

  • Cover - Front
  • Cover - Back

4-panel digipak with 2-sheet booklet

release date Nov. 24, 2018


  1. 21 grams (Amorphous RX)
  2. geneLAW (Sunny Schramm RX)
  3. sHAdes of dead-whiTE (Seven Trees RX)
  4. belle ÉpoQUE (Pyrroline RX)
  5. maTRIcide (Second Disease RX)
  6. ranDOM FAILures PreferRED (Individual Totem RX)
  7. blood patch (killing time RX by tri-state, original by Object)
  8. rE-spawned (Jihad RX)
  9. causes oF DEaTH (R010R1zed-1)
  10. apocaLyPsE oF fAItH (Trilogy RX)
  11. deep insidE (Serpents RX)
  12. the kHAOS within (long time ago RX by Majestic)
  13. the gHOST WAR (kFactor RX)
  14. payBAKK (eYE for an EYE RX by tri-state)


- tri-wired world, part 2 -

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