tri-wired world, part 3

  • Cover - Front
  • Cover - Back

4-panel digipak with 2-sheet booklet

release date Nov. 24, 2018


  1. stonehEnGE (Mirage Noire RX by Cardinal Noire)
  2. sYNOPSIS (Pyrroline RX)
  3. sHADES of dead-whiTE (One Eye Wanders RX)
  4. deep insidE (Dark Akalotz RX)
  5. tHE mYTH of the GREY manKIND (Different Colours RX by tEaR!doWn)
  6. causes oF DEaTH (R010R1zed-2)
  7. Prototype (rapid prototyping Mk.II by tri-state, original by kFactor)
  8. payBAKK (Mind Resonance RX by The Opposer Divine)
  9. rE-spawned (Amnistia Modification)
  10. the black hoLE (KIFOTH RX)
  11. the kHAOS within (Sleepwalk RX)
  12. the gHOST WAR (Terminal State RX)
  13. sHAdes of dead-whiTE (Into Nowhere RX)


- tri-wired world, part 3 -

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